Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Time When I Felt Tired, Excited, Angry, Disappointed, Underprepared, Nervous, In Awe, and Grateful.....

Yesterday... I was more than tired, I was exhausted.  Monday and Tuesday, were the start of an all day volleyball camp at Colorado College. All day meaning 9 am to 5 pm.  Just the two days were exhausting.  Wednesday was the last day of the CC camp, but I also had another camp from 5:30 to 9:30.  Wednesday night, I was so tired, I fell right in bed and was out like a light.  This morning when I woke up, my body still hurt, and I am still pretty tired.  

I was very excited last summer when we went to Florida. We had not been on a major vacation since 2008, and Florida was the farthest trip we have taken yet. While we were there, we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom.  We also visited Universal Studios and hung out in the pool.  In Florida it was miserably hot, but we still had a good time.

I really don't like being angry because when I'm angry I usually cry.  I know that it sounds lame, but I'm like my mom.... I cry a lot.... It's my way of expressing myself when I cannot think of words.   I cry when I'm mad, frustrated, sad, even tired.  If I try to be mad at someone and stomp around, I usually just end up feeling idiotic, therefore I get embarrassed and start to cry.  There isn't really a preferable ending, so I just skip the stomping part.  I don't like to think about being angry either, because thinking about it reopens the "wound" and brings on more tears, so I'm not going to think about it.

I was disappointed last summer, when the Waldo Canyon Fire started.  The day the fire started, we had plans to go to a Sky Sox game with our family friends, the Js.  After the game we were going to camp out in my backyard, but because of the smoke and ash in the air and my brother's asthma, we had to reschedule.

I felt underprepared at the beginning of the school year when it came time to take my first test in my algebra class.  I really don't remember if the night before, I felt that I had studied enough, but when my teacher passed out the test and everyone else started, I was completely confused.  I forgot all of the material and had no idea what to do.  Luckily, not all of the tests had the same results.

I was nervous this year when school volleyball tryouts started.  I play for a club team, and spend a ton of time playing, but I am always nervous when tryout time rolls around.  I am always afraid that I am going to get cut from the team.  In the end I made the school's best team, and we won the district tournament.

On the same note, I am always nervous before a volleyball game or tournament.  When I first started playing, I would actually shake.... Now I don't shake, but I still get nervous.

I've never really thought about all the times I am nervous, but now that I think about it I seem to be nervous a lot.  I was very nervous at the end of the year when I had to take my final in math, and give my speech on Buddhism for language arts.

In Awe....
I am always in awe of my sister Sparkle.  She is a gymnast.  She is fabulous at gymnastics, and I am amazed by the things she does.  She awes me with her strength, fearlessness, flexibility, and her awesome attitude.  I envy the way she organizes her gym, social, and academic lives.  I wish I was as organized as she is.

Last year, I had a "falling out" with a friend.... The whole thing opened my eyes to how great my family and other friends are.  It was a really hard time in my life, and there are times when I still struggle.   However, I always have someone to help me wether it be my mom, dad, sisters, or my friends, KK, and JJ.  I am truly grateful for all these people have done to help me.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Cost of Summer

I have a family of 6, so summer can be very expensive.  This summer, I am going to keep track of all of our expenses.
  • Lunch $30
    • May 28
    • La Casita
  • Lunch $24
    • May 31
    • Chick-fil-A

The Last Good Deed I Did.......

The last good deed I did was probably when I helped my sister return the dog she saw running up the street.  It was a little grey schnauzer named Chloe.  She was running up the street, and my sister, Sparkle, ran after it.  My mom came into the house to grab shoes and I went back outside with her.   We chased the dog about four houses up the street before we cornered it in someones driveway.  After checking the name and address on her collar, I ran back to my house to grab a leash.  Chloe was friendly, and let my mom pick her up, so I met her about half way with the leash.  Then we walked down the street to return the dog to her owner.  On the way home, one of Chloe's owners caught up with us and gave my sister nine dollars which she split with me, but that good deed was mostly Sparkle's doing.

Another good deed I did was with my NJHS group.  As one of our service projects, we went and spent a few hours cleaning up the park with a creek.  We split into groups and for about three hours we picked up trash from down in the creek.  There were some very interesting trash found that day including bottles, McDonald's bags, and tennis balls.  On the way back to our rendevous point, I realized that both of my legs were bleeding.... I figured that I either got cut by the weeds or something sharp sticking through our trash bag.  When we got back, we had a mini picnic, and I cleaned the blood off my legs.  I had a blast that day, I was with friends, and doing something for the community.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Why Blue Pants and Bowties?

Well.... I was at National History Day in Denver with my mom and friend.  After our interview, we decided to walk down to the 16th street mall for lunch and to kill sometime until the finalists were posted.  We had lunch at Smashburger and on the way back to the competition I spotted some guys.  They were wearing blue pants and pink bowties.  I pointed them out to my mom and we had a good time joking about how you can only find that sort of outfit in certain places.  Then my mom said "Hey, that would be an awesome blog title.... you should remember that".  So when the time came to create my blog,  I didn't have any better ideas, so I went with it.

On a side note, my group did not make it to the final round at National History Day, but we still had a great time.